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President Obama Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

HARP Refinancing

The Obama Administration has recently released HARP 2.0. This is an expansion of the Home Affordable Refinance Program. New HARP guidelines include the removal of loan-to-value (LTV) limitations. The previous LTV for HARP was set at 125%. Easier qualifications to lower your mortgage payments were also introduced for homeowners with 2nd mortgages and mortgage insurance (PMI). HARP Refinancing programs now may allow you to lower your mortgage payments with no appraisal and limited proof of income. To begin, submit your information and a loan officer will contact you. They will help review your options regarding your eligibility for a Home Affordable Mortgage.

Get $3000 for free with the Michigan first time home buyer grant.  As part of the National Mortgage Settlement (NMS), the state of Michigan was awarded 15 million dollars to use as it pleases to help home owners that were unfairly treated by the large bank’s mortgage practices.  The program is being administered by MSHDA, [...]

HARP 3.0 Updates | New Bill to expand HARP Refinancing(0)

A possibility comes alive for the rumored HARP 3.0 as new bill has been proposed recently by two U.S Senators. The proposal is a version of The Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP that has already been put in place to help homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage. The Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act will [...]

HARP 3.0 Details(0)

Millions of American homeowners have felt the hardships brought upon us thanks to the awful housing market conditions of recent times. Foreclosure has plagued too many people at this point but luckily the government is attempting to do as much as possible to reverse the foreclosures. Not to mention they are trying to make sure [...]

FHA Streamline Refinance in Michigan(0)

One major part of the recent economic catastrophe we encountered was the downfall of our housing market which crushed home values in Michigan making it nearly impossible for homeowners to refinance.  Luckily things have begun to slowly repair themselves but not without some major help along the way.  There are plenty of homeowners out there [...]